Numerous states, municipalities, and parking authorities trust ParkVANTAGE for parking permitting, compliance, and enforcement because we understand what you need for high efficiency, superior public service, and strong staff morale.


Fast and accurate


Safe and secure


“Advanced Card Systems and Solutions has been incredible to work with. They have a very professional staff that is proactive and creative.They have been instrumental in helping us introduce ParkVANTAGE and streamline our online permit sales while solving complex delivery issues. They are the best team and I highly recommend them and their products to anyone in the industry.”

Mark C. Hartwyk
Executive Director, South Orange (NJ) Parking Authority

“The Town of Bedford engaged ParkVANTAGE to upgrade its parking permitting system. We have been working with them for a just over a year and we can’t say enough about the excellent work that John, Vrushank and the rest of the ParkVANTAGE Team has done for the Town of Bedford. The attention they have given to address the Town’s intricate parking policies, has shown their skill, knowledge and professionalism. We would recommend ParkVANTAGE to anyone looking for a quality and professional partner to address parking permit needs.”

Abraham Zambrano
Town Comptroller, Town of Bedford, NY

“The Township of North Bergen Parking Authority has had the distinct pleasure of working with Advanced Card Systems since they embraced the parking industry. With the original goal to fill a gap in services for smaller parking authorities, Advanced Card Systems observed, processed and implemented a comprehensive parking universe which serves the full spectrum of everyday parking needs for any agency. Their ParkVANTAGE system provides for an over the counter and online purchasing solution for selling and tracking permit parking. The database driven purchasing system works seamlessly with the on the street pay stations, parking lots, meter mobile application, and license plate recognition. Each component contributes to making it more convenient for the public while assisting in parking enforcement for violators. ParkVANTAGE has made processing the resident’s and public’s needs in North Bergen more efficient and serves our Authority very well. Thank you, ACS.”

Robert P. Baselice
Executive Director, Township of North Bergen Parking Authority

“ParkVANTAGE/ACS has been instrumental in making operations more efficient and effective at the Union City Parking Authority.  They were able to take the antiquated system we were using prior and tailor fit a system that met our needs and the needs of our community.  Their customer service is first rate. They are responsive and able to expeditiously remedy issues and concerns.  It has been a pleasure working with ParkVANTAGE/ACS.”

Lt. Archer Cuellar
A/ Executive Director, Union City Parking Authority

Municipalities and parking authorities trust ParkVANTAGE because our all-inclusive solution is custom, fast and accurate, seamless, safe and secure, and has built-in accountability features.


  • Configured for your municipality’s ordinances, parking lots, customers, and department
  • Flexible lot management model including numbered spaces, first come first serve, fixed space inventory, and lot waitlist
  • Fully integrated with Genetec and Vigilant for LPR, First Data Card Connect Merchant Processing, and other industry-leading providers
  • APIs available
  • ParkVANTAGE offers four distinct modules which can each be purchased standalone, or when combined they create an all-inclusive permit management solution

Fast & Accurate

  • Permit rules engine configured for your municipality’s ordinances
  • Scanning and authentication of drivers’ licenses and vehicle registrations automatically input customer data without keying
  • Intuitive software interface guides users for consistency and compliance
  • Supporting documentation electronically retained with the permit(s)


  • One database for all sales no matter the source
  • Multiple integrated customer payment options
  • Single access point with integrated LPR for enforcement queries
  • Curbside management

Safe & Secure

  • Encrypted data and transactions
  • Role-based user login
  • Contactless and touchless transactions
  • Digital or physical permitting
  • Secure cloud hosting


  • Audit logs
  • Extensive permit, user, transaction, and space usage data reporting
  • Lot management metrics
  • Data exporting for budgets, revenues, and reports



  • Custom reporting for accountability, compliance, and budgeting
  • Clear visualization of space sales for accurate lot management
  • Easy onboarding of new staff with remote or onsite training
  • Phone and on-site technical support with guaranteed call resolution
  • Simple lookup of permits and daily parking by multiple parameters for quick clearance of customer inquiries

Customer Service

  • Software-prompted OTC permitting process flow
  • Error-free customer data input through license scanning and permitting rules connected to permit type and ordinance
  • Average customer transaction time reduced by 75%
  • Saved data for suspended transactions enables quick and accurate recall

The Public

  • Multiple ways to purchase permits and parking: online, mobile app, and walk-in over-the-counter
  • Faster OTC transactions mean no or minimal waiting
  • Fewer complaints and escalations
  • Permit history and documentation retained with the record so documents don’t have to be presented multiple times
  • Contactless and touchless interactions available

Statutory & Enforcement

  • Customized permitting rules based on municipal ordinances
  • ALPR integration
  • Single source lookup functionality integrates all on/off-street and lot permit data for faster, easier, 100% accurate enforcement

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